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No meeting this week.  See you all January 3.
Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season and a very Happy New Year, from your Rotogear Staff.
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“Hamid Jad and The Christmas Chickens,” as told by John Roberts
In 1993, when I was the U.S. Peace Corps Country Director for Tunisia, a young Moroccan immigrant asked me (daily) for a job - any job.  Hamid Jad saw his future in learning English.  Giving in, I finally agreed to let him take care of my yard and German Shepherd dog.  Although a Muslim, he asked to borrow my bible to practice reading, and to join me weekly at an English-speaking church in Tunis.  Hamid loved singing carols, especially “Come Oh Come Emanuel” with its minor key and middle-eastern sound. 
As the 1993 outdoor Christmas Pageant, approached, Hamid volunteered to help construct and furnish the stable.  While entranced by the panoply of animals (sheep, goats, donkeys, cows, and 3 camels), Hamid asked, “Where are the chickens?” 
“There were no chickens,", I replied, "The Bible story does not mention chickens.”  
“Of course there were chickens,” replied Hamid, “The rooster crowed 3 times prior to Peter’s denial of Jesus!"
So Hamid took it upon himself to procure 3 chickens for the Pageant, and, with a long ladder, perched them on a beam just above the manager with a string tied to one leg just to make sure they stayed put.  During the Pageant, a light breeze ruffled their feathers causing the lady next to me to revel in the “3 owls!”
Near the climax of the Pageant, as the baby Jesus was being born and the 3 Kings descended their camels to offer gifts, a strong gust of wind blew one chicken off its perch.  Dangling by one leg, the bird was squawking and flapping its wings directly over the manager (not exactly the hovering of an angel from the heavenly host!)  Hamid quickly grabbed the long ladder, nonchalantly climbed up in front of the 3,500-person crowd, and replaced the errant chicken on its high perch. 
After the Pageant Hamid announced that in the spirit of the season, he was delivering the 3 chickens to 3 poor Muslim families for their Christmas dinners the next day.  Then on Christmas Day, Hamid visited the Tunis Souk (market), and purchased 10 tiny, fuzzy chicks (as might be found in Easter Baskets) and carefully placed them on my Christmas tree with the other ornaments. 
Several months later, Hamid and his now pregnant Tunisian girlfriend were married. At his father’s request from Casablanca, Morocco, I represented his family at the wedding, and when their little son was born, he was named “John Roberts Jad.”
Merry Christmas to all, and somewhere in Morocco, to John Roberts Jad.  baby chicken on a field of green grassImage result for squawking chicken
Jaime Quiros - December Teacher of the Month

Our teacher of the Month for December was Jamie Quiros, a Spanish teacher at Rocky Mountain high school, hosted by Henry Weiser. After being introduced by her principal, Dr.Craig Woodall, Ms. Quiros  expounded upon her inspiration from students and colleagues and her deep commitment to teaching. 

Program December 20: Your Most Memorable Christmas
Last week President, Jeanne Fangman did a quick summary of the first half-year's accomplishments and the half-year to come, and Larry Kunter hosted our Holiday Program on the joy of the season.  
The New Horizon Wind Ensemble, including Larry Kunter, played Christmas and holiday music and valiantly tried to get the audience to sing along.  The ensemble was directed by Kay Broughton and the performers are part of the New Horizon Band of Northern Colorado, which includes Judy Lane, Martin Limbird and Larry.   
In a very heated contest, Del Benson took home the prize for ugliest sweater, and the sweetest Granddaughter.  
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Announcements Editor: Bonnie Titley
Bob Hoel announces that the Investment Fellowship will meet immediately after the regular Rotary meeting on Wednesday, January 17.  Topic: “Our Annual Investment Forecasts”  Everyone is likely to be affected by investment performance in 2017, and everyone is welcome to attend.  Brilliance, expertise, and fabulous clairvoyance not required—it’s a fun discussion. 
Sally Lee reported a refund from King Soopers of $356.  She has one card left for someone without.
Henry Weisser has OSHER catalogs to give away.
Mike Stradt said the Fellowship Committee is working on an outing to Denver to see “Hamilton”.  Date is set for March 28.  Tickets go on sale January 22, 10:00 AM.  Each to purchase own tickets, then will join together for transportation if possible.  
President Jeanne urged members to become involved in club committees listing the Rotogear, Membership, New Member Orientation, and Welcome Desk as immediate possibilities.
Kerrie Luginbill announced RCFC Satellite membership are hosting a sponsor thank you party tonight, 6:30-8:00PM for all BBrew for Hope sponsors.  A small/intimate networking event with other sponsors, Rotarians and the donation recipients.  Horse & Dragon Brewery, 6:30-8:00 pm. Food and beer complimentary for sponsors!  There will be a check presentation and a brief sponsor Thank You.
Greetings from the great Pacific ocean, approaching Tahaiti. John Deep Thots Roberts sends 2018 New Year Greetings from the Viking Sun.  You are ALL missed so much, but I’ll try to keep up my spirits in absence. Hope you are all following the Blog Quite a few Rotarians on board....we are sharing the Rotary Handshake! Stay warm, Rotarians. Spring is but a few long months away
Don Eversoll encouraged us to get “good feelings in our soul” by volunteering as a driver at the hospital.  They need volunteers.  See Don.
Melanie Chamberlain appealed to members to look for any historical materials they might have squirreled away at home and bring them to her or Bonnie for use in creating Centennial Year displays.
Garth McCann changed the coffee klatch at Whole Foods Porch to Thursday, 8:30 AM.
Rob Marschke is looking for volunteers to read to primary children.  Talk to him if you are interested.

Ralph Smith has produced a calendar of local photos.  He will contribute $5 of the total price of $14 to the club.
Youth Exchange Chair Dan Mackey announced the Rotary Short Term Summer Student Exchange Program (STEP), for summer 2018.  STEP is a family to family exchange program, meaning all student automatically have a host family on the other end, and families pay all program expenses.  See Dan if you have questions, or have a student that wants to apply.
A gift to the Legacy Fund is a great way to memorialize a birthday, anniversary, the birth of a child or grandchild, etc.  Each gift gets the Club closer to our goal of $1 Million by our centennial in August 2018.  The Legacy Fund supports local Rotary projects such as Community grants, scholarships, and civic projects.  Cash, appreciated property such as stock or planned gifts such as those in a will are all great ways to support the Legacy Fund. 
Marty Bachman asks that the Care and Recognition Committee needs everyone's help so as not to miss any special event or occasions that should be acknowledged.  Contact Marty, Melanie, or Jeanne with your information.
Save the Date: Lynne Baker, one of three co-chairs of the Centennial Committee, reports that much is being planned for our Centennial Year.  Culmination will be a dinner on August 1, 2018, at in the Stadium Club in the new CSU stadium.  
Upcoming Events
The Opoid Epidemic - Dr. Bernard Birnbaum
Jan 24, 2018
Fellowship Program - President Jeanne Fangman
Jan 31, 2018
Poudre Library - David Slivkin
Feb 07, 2018
The Wrong Side of Comfortable - Amy Charity
Feb 14, 2018
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