The Rotary Club of Fort Collins is proud to recognize CSU Army and Air Force ROTC Cadets for their academic and military excellence and community campus involvement.

Cadet Casey Sullivan is the Rotary Cadet of the Month - February 2023! Casey is a sophomore majoring in Journalism and Media Communications. She actively seeks out challenges to better herself, so that in turn she can share her knowledge with her peers, and has demonstrated to always put the ROTC program and its Cadets before her own needs. Casey spends countless hours volunteering in the program clubs and seeks out leadership positions within those clubs to help create new ideas to inspire and be the role model for her under classmates. RAM Battalion cadre noted that Casey’s aforementioned current leadership qualities will certainly serve their ROTC program well in the future. After graduating and commissioning in Spring 2025 she hopes to join her dad’s former Army career field, in the Aviation Branch of the Army. She hails from Parker, CO and outside ROTC she keeps busy with flight school, videography, skiing, hiking and fitness, outside her ROTC activities. Congratulations and Rotary’s best wishes for success!

Rotary Club of Fort Collins honored its first cadet in 2023 during the 25 January lunch meeting. Air Force Cadet Scott Wilson was selected by ROTC cadre to receive the Rotary Cadet of the Month Award - January 2023. Scott is a sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering at CSU. He is a Colorado Springs native that has displayed perseverance with tenacity as he continues to navigate the ROTC curriculum. During this semester, Scott is not only receiving training with his classmates that will enable them to succeed in Field Training this coming summer, but actively sharing his existing knowledge about the training and leading his peers from the ranks through the training. With an eye on graduating and commissioning in 2026, Scott desires to serve in the Space Operations career field. Congratulations and Rotary’s best wishes for success!!!


Cadet Megan Litchfield is the Rotary Cadet of the Month - December 2023! Megan is a junior majoring in Business Administration and hails from Olympia, Washington. While in high school Megan was an active Interact member for four years and received the Rotary Scholarship. She spoke highly of her positive and encouraging Rotary experience, and praised Rotary’s ‘giving back to the community’ and Service Before Self tenets. She still keeps in touch with Rotary members from Olympia! Megan is internalizing the Army ROTC program elements and Captain Chaka highlighted how she “invests in others”.  Upon graduation in 2024 she is interested in pursuing Active Duty service in the Transportation career field to focus on logistics. Congratulations and Rotary’s best wishes for success!!!
Cadet Isaac Mount is the Rotary Cadet of the Month - November 2022! Isaac is a junior majoring in Physical Science. During the Fall semester he is the Field Training Exercise (FTX) Commander, charged to posture the Detachment in Spring semester to focus on sophomore cadet preparation for their Summer 2023 training in Alabama. As such, he has excelled in planning for the Detachment’s big spring FTX. Most recently though, Isaac executed the cadet wing’s second wargaming event, spending many hours developing, practicing, and working with the CSU Wargaming Club to evolve wargaming in AF ROTC.  During Leadership Lab two weeks ago, the execution and learning resulting from this wargaming event was critical in meeting the cadet wing’s mission objectives. Isaac is a Fort Collins native and proudly represents Detachment 90. Upon graduation he has sights to be a meteorologist or missile officer, and considering eventually becoming a Chaplain. Congratulations and Rotary’s best wishes for success!!!
Cadet Cole Waskey is the Rotary Cadet of the Month - October 2022! Cole is a senior and will graduate in May 2023 with a major in International Studies. He hails from San Ramon, CA where he was a standout wrestler and toured Japan after graduation in a two-week goodwill wrestling event. He carried his talents to CSU and qualified for National wrestling. Outside being the Ram Battalion’s officer-in-charge for the nationwide Ranger Challenge he is the Battalion chief training evaluator. Cole rounds out his personal time with backpacking and maximizing outdoor time. He eagerly awaits his Army branch assignment in a few weeks and desires to go Infantry with an Intelligence focus on commission in May 2023. Congratulations and Rotary’s best wishes for success!!!
Cadet Grace Weishaar is the Rotary Cadet of the Month - September 2022! Grace is an outstanding selection as the first cadet in six months to accept the Award in person at a Club meeting, due to Covid restrictions. Grace hails from Portland, OR, and is a senior majoring Biomedical Sciences with an impressive 3.8 GPA at CSU. She holds the Wing Vice Commander position (#2 position in the Detachment of 160+ cadets!) during the Fall Semester. Outside her studies and involvement with ROTC, Grace works with the Colorado State Health Network as a Nurse Aide and also finds time to work in an Organic Chemistry Lab. She shared that she feels blessed to be in Colorado and is “a big dog person.” So if you see her out and about, offer her a cup of coffee… as she is a huge fan of it, too! After graduating and commissioning in 2023 Grace will be entrusted with a part of our Nation’s nuclear capability at her fingertips as a Missile Officer. Congratulations and Rotary’s best wishes for success!!!
Cadet Nolan D. Cawley is the Rotary Cadet of the Month - April 2022! Nolan hails from Modesto, CA, where he used to volunteer with the local Rotary Club and donated over an impressive 800 hours of community service! He is sprinting through his freshman year finish line at CSU with a bang and recently heard he earned a Commander’s Scholarship due to his recognized overall performance. Over the course of the year has enjoyed being a History major and is active with the Arnold Air Society, whose focus is to develop future leaders through community service, professional development, and education about our national defense. Nolan shared “RI is an amazing organization and I’m incredibly proud to be Rotary Club of Fort Collins’ ROTC Cadet of the Month!” After graduating and commissioning in 2026 Nolan desires to be a fighter pilot or remote piloted aircraft pilot. Congratulations and Rotary’s best wishes for success!!!
CSU Cadet Riley J. Bally is the Rotary Cadet of the Month - March 2022! Riley is in the final few months as a freshman in the Ram Battalion and is majoring in Wildlife Biology. Her hometown is Dixon, Illinois and has fallen in love with Colorado. She keeps busy with tennis and painting as hobbies and immerses herself in Colorado outdoor activities! A truly redeeming quality is her desire to “leave a positive legacy.” She has her sights on commissioning in 2025 in the Military Intelligence branch of the Army. Congratulations and Rotary’s best wishes for success!
CSU Cadet Jeremiah Jones is recognized as the Rotary Cadet of the Month - February. He is a sophomore and will graduate in 2024. Jeremiah is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and hopes to place those skills to use in the Civil Engineering career field upon entering the Air Force. Jeremiah hails from Longmont, CO and is involved with Arnold Air Society, which develops future leaders through community service, professional development and education about our national defense. He feeds his athletic passion through intramural sports and other fitness venues. Congratulations and best wishes for success!
CSU Cadet John Henselman is a sophomore majoring in Construction Management and will commission in 2024 as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. John hails from Colorado Springs and he is interested in serving in the Infantry or Chemical Corps. This semester he is a team leader in Bravo Company and his interests outside ROTC are the Ranger Challenge, Orienteering Club, Shooting Club and trying out for the Poudre Muskets. Over the summer John has interned with Gracon, LLC to hone his construction skills. Congratulations to John Henselman being selected as Rotary’s Cadet of the Month for January 2022!
CSU Cadet Rosa Henson hails from Colorado Springs, is a junior studying Environmental Engineering and has sights set on graduating and commissioning in 2024. After graduating she hopes to be a pilot in the Air Force and is currently pursuing her private pilot license. Rosa is currently the Community Service Flight Commander this semester. In that capacity she has planned and executed major events such as a Veterans Day Ceremony and a Detachment ‘Dining Out’ social event hosting all members and their guests. She is also a resident's assistance for CSU Housing, plays seven different instruments and loves the outdoors.
CSU junior Cadet Kennedy Canfield hails originally from Alabama but grew up in Montrose, CO. She is studying Chemistry with an emphasis in Forensics. She was selected from her peers by Army ROTC cadre for standing out during the semester while the ROTC program focuses on developing leadership using experiential learning model. Kennedy has exquisitely honed her leadership qualities and is an active class participant, freely sharing her experiences with others by routinely engaging in class with thoughtful discussion. She will graduate and commission in 2023.