The Rotary Club of Fort Collins is proud to recognize CSU Army and Air Force ROTC Cadets for their academic and military excellence and community campus involvement.

Congratulations to Cadet Cayden Lee being selected as March Cadet of the Month! Cayden hails from Topeka, KS, is in his final freshman semester and pursuing studies towards a Natural Resources Management degree with a 4.0 GPA, to graduate in May 2027. He recently scored an impressive 595 score out of 600 eligible points on his Army physical fitness test, which postured him to be an active, leading member of the Ranger Challenge Team and Northern Warfare Competitor. Over the next few years, Cayden will hone in on what Army career field he would like to request after commissioning. He rounds out his time enjoying hunting and spear fishing. Rotary sends Cayden best wishes as he continues to excel in the demanding Army ROTC program!

Congratulations to Cadet Trevor Ridge being selected as February Cadet of the Month! Trevor is a sophomore, hailing from Fountain, CO and majoring in Mechanical Engineering. This semester he is immersed in the General Military Course training, diligently preparing for the approaching intense summer field training. Outside ROTC, he leads a church group/Bible study and enjoys hiking, skiing and snowboarding. All this aided him in achieving a rare and impressive, “maxed out” ROTC physical fitness test score! After graduating and commissioning in May 2027, Trevor would like to be a pilot, flying either the F-22 fighter plane or helicopters in a search & rescue role. Rotary offers best wishes on his continued success!
Thomas Ver Straate is our January Cadet of the Month. Thomas is a sophomore, majoring in Accounting, assigned to the CSU Army ROTC Ram Battalion. Thomas is looking forward to leading Ram Battalion's firing of "Comatose the Cannon," a WWII-era 75mm howitzer field gun, to celebrate Ram's touchdowns during next year's CSU football games.
Kyle is from Colorado Springs and has been at CSU for seven years, obtaining his undergraduate degree and currently working on his Masters degree. Upon commissioning, he would like to be an Operations Research Analyst. “Cadet Shetler has been on fire this Fall Term as our cadet wing Public Affairs (PA) lead,” reports Detachment Commander Gregg Johnson. “He has taken previous PA processes/products and improved on them many times over.” Kyle played a critical part in the CSU ROTC Alumni Rendezvous event where he captured generations of ROTC alumni/Veteran engagements during the dedicated time with cadets and social time.
Cadet Scott Ropiecki is the Rotary Cadet of the Month - November 2023! Scott is a junior at CSU majoring in Chemical Engineering. He is a South New Jersey native and started at Rutgers University before transferring to CSU his sophomore year. This semester he is in charge of “Ram Town”, which is a gravitational point as an interactive experience outside the CSU football stadium during pre-game activities. His primary ROTC focus this year is on training for the upcoming 38-day cadet field training at Ft Knox in the summer of 2024.

Cadet Blake Bushlack is the Rotary Cadet of the Month - October 2023! Blake is a senior, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and will graduate and commission into the Air Force in December 2024. He currently holds the position of Deputy Commander of Special Events Flight. In that capacity he initiates, coordinates and executes cadet wing events for the entire Detachment’s professional development. Upon commissioning, he desires to enter the Air Force as an Engineer. Blake hails from Thornton, CO, where he developed his interest in running, skiing and enjoying some peaceful quiet time.

Cadet Dylan Malone is the Rotary Cadet of the Month - September 2023! Dylan is a senior majoring in Biomedical Sciences (Pre-Veterinarian) and hails from Loveland, CO. Upon graduating from Colorado State University in 2024, Dylan desires to be selected to serve in the Army in the Medical Services career field.

Cadet Ashley Magee is the Rotary Cadet of the Month - April 2023! Ashley is a freshman majoring in Sports Medicine, with a 3.8 GPA and hails from Manitou Springs, CO. She is a member of the Poudre Muskets, which is a cadet-led organization providing cadets additional military training, complimentary to the existing syllabus. Ashley also carries the highest physical fitness test score in the Battalion, scoring 556 out of a possible 600 points! On top of all the ROTC training and academics, she enjoys cooking and playing the guitar. Upon graduation and commissioning in 2026, Ashley would like to be a physical therapist, in line with her eloquent remark with a desire to “serve and heal in uniform.” With her focus on discipline and camaraderie across all aspects, we understand why she earned the nickname, “Mad Dog”! Rotary shares congratulations and best wishes for future success to Ashley “Mad Dog” Magee!

Cadet Nadia Howard is the Rotary Cadet of the Month - March 2023! Nadia is a freshman majoring in Mathematics and carrying an impressive 3.866 GPA. She received an Air Force ROTC High School Scholarship while a senior in Southhaven, Mississippi. She is actively involved in the Detachment Booster Club and pledging Arnold Air Society this semester, an organization that develops future leaders through community service, professional development and education about our national defense. She is also an active participant across all Cadet Wing events. Outside ROTC she is active with Valor, an organization devoted to developing the spiritual fitness of ROTC’s future officers and SALT. After graduating and commissioning in 2027, Nadia has sights to be an ortho doctor or an intelligence officer. Congratulations and Rotary’s best wishes for success!

Cadet Casey Sullivan is the Rotary Cadet of the Month - February 2023! Casey is a sophomore majoring in Journalism and Media Communications. She actively seeks out challenges to better herself, so that in turn she can share her knowledge with her peers, and has demonstrated to always put the ROTC program and its Cadets before her own needs. Casey spends countless hours volunteering in the program clubs and seeks out leadership positions within those clubs to help create new ideas to inspire and be the role model for her under classmates. RAM Battalion cadre noted that Casey’s aforementioned current leadership qualities will certainly serve their ROTC program well in the future. After graduating and commissioning in Spring 2025 she hopes to join her dad’s former Army career field, in the Aviation Branch of the Army. She hails from Parker, CO and outside ROTC she keeps busy with flight school, videography, skiing, hiking and fitness, outside her ROTC activities. Congratulations and Rotary’s best wishes for success!

Rotary Club of Fort Collins honored its first cadet in 2023 during the 25 January lunch meeting. Air Force Cadet Scott Wilson was selected by ROTC cadre to receive the Rotary Cadet of the Month Award - January 2023. Scott is a sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering at CSU. He is a Colorado Springs native that has displayed perseverance with tenacity as he continues to navigate the ROTC curriculum. During this semester, Scott is not only receiving training with his classmates that will enable them to succeed in Field Training this coming summer, but actively sharing his existing knowledge about the training and leading his peers from the ranks through the training. With an eye on graduating and commissioning in 2026, Scott desires to serve in the Space Operations career field. Congratulations and Rotary’s best wishes for success!!!


Cadet Megan Litchfield is the Rotary Cadet of the Month - December 2023! Megan is a junior majoring in Business Administration and hails from Olympia, Washington. While in high school Megan was an active Interact member for four years and received the Rotary Scholarship. She spoke highly of her positive and encouraging Rotary experience, and praised Rotary’s ‘giving back to the community’ and Service Before Self tenets. She still keeps in touch with Rotary members from Olympia! Megan is internalizing the Army ROTC program elements and Captain Chaka highlighted how she “invests in others”.  Upon graduation in 2024 she is interested in pursuing Active Duty service in the Transportation career field to focus on logistics. Congratulations and Rotary’s best wishes for success!!!