The Rotary Club of Fort Collins has participated in numerous education-related projects in several developing countries.  Below are examples of some of the education projects that have been completed in recent years.

Computer Lab for School for Deaf Children – MG 64858

The Rotary Club of Fort Collins teamed up with the Rotary Club of Cheyenne and the Rotary Club of Chiquimula de la Sierra, Guatemala to provide a computer lab for a school for deaf children in Zacapa, Guatemala. The Maria Teresa Ordonez school is the only school for deaf children in eastern Guatemala and serves over 75 children with impaired hearing and/or speech.


The facility was built largely on the efforts of Jorge and Reina Palma Zecena, members of the Rotary Club of Chiquimula, whose‘s son Jorgito is himself deaf. As there was no funding available to make modern learning tools available to these otherwise normal children, Anita, Jorgito's sister and also a member of the RC of Chiquimula wondered if Rotary could help. In June of 2007, Anita met with Ft. Collins Rotarians Claude Piché, Chuck Rutenberg, Susie Ewing and Betty Brown and proposed a Matching Grant to equip the facility. Pictured above are Chiquimula Rotarians Anita, Jorge and Reina Palma Zecena with son/brother Jorgito (second from left).



The opening ceremony for the computer lab took place in June of 2008 during the 2008 visit of Rotarians and Interactors from Ft. Collins. The celebration featured several skits performed by the children from the school (right).







The matching grant covered the purchase and installation of 12 computers and work stations, the special software for teaching hearing-impaired children as well as an air conditioner for climate control in the lab.


This project will directly benefit the students of the school and indirectly benefit the families and communities of these youth. There is also potential to network these resources to other schools for deaf children in other parts of Guatemala. Pictured is Danissa Oliva, a member of the Interact Club of Gualan, Guatemala helping one of the children in the computer lab.



Pictured (from left to right) in front the dedication plaque in the computer lab are Ft. Collins Rotarians Claude Piché, Marge Norskog, Susie Ewing and Chuck Rutenberg.


School Equipment for Children in Salatiga, Indonesia (MG #51925)
This project was a collaborative effort of the Rotary Club of Ft. Collins with the Rotary Club of Salatiga, Indonesia.  The funds allocated to this project were used to provide school uniforms and basic educational supplies for children at four elementary schools as well as equip a vocational training school for handicapped children and adults. 




School for Disabled Children in India (MG #21911)
This project was a collaborative effort with the Rotary Club of Kundapura, India.  The Vagjyothi Deaf and Dumb Disabled Welfare Society runs a residential school in the Kundapura area for approximately 100 deaf and dumb and physically disabled children.  Prior to this project, the school was ill-equipped and in desperate need of basic supplies.  This project allowed the Society to purchase hearing aids, a speech trainer, furniture as well as basic kitchen supplies and improvements to the sanitary waste system.

School Supplies and Uniforms for Refugee Children in Indonesia (MG #19659)
This was a collaborative project with the Rotary Club of Cilacap in Indonesia.  The project consisted of providing children refugees from troubled areas of Aceh, the Malukus, and East Timor School with the materials they needed to attend school.  In total, 1,000 refugee children were given bags, uniforms, books, and supplies thus permitting these children to attend school.





Medical Library for Regional Hospital in Honduras (MG #18509)
Our first project with CAMO (Central American Medical Outreach) provided a medical library in the Hospital Regional de Occidente in Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras. The library includes bookshelves, furniture, computer workstations, and visual aid equipment for three classrooms and a conference room CAMO, with Rotary International support, constructed and equipped a medical library on the grounds of the (HRO). This teaching hospital was not equipped with a teaching and research space for the staff. With this addition, the classrooms, library, computer networking, and associated medical facilities, medical students have the resources to complete their training and provide better care for the patients. This addition has also resulted in the hospital being used by major international health organizations such as WHO, the CDC and USAID to further assist in meeting the needs in Central America.