Posted on Jun 25, 2023
I recently relocated from Texas where I spent thirteen years as a school librarian and six years teaching middle and high school.  My family relationships are, thankfully, loving and integral parts of my life and always have been.  Working with students in my roles as classroom teacher and school librarian have proved rewarding and interesting, allowing countless opportunities for me to learn and grow.  When not working, I spend time helping my Mother, reading, enjoying the outdoors, listening to music, and photography.  Like most librarians, I am passionate about books, the power of words, and open availability of accurate information.
I want to be a Rotarian for numerous reasons.  Rotarians are open to knowledge, see needs in the community and world, and then go several steps further to make their communities and planet better for all.  The first time I heard the Four-Way Test was upon attending a meeting last fall and it was such a brilliant introduction to the heart of Rotary.  I envision applying the Four-Way Test in my personal and professional life in order to be a better local and global citizen as well as a truer self.  If all people were concerned with building goodwill and better friendships, the world would be ever so much kinder.  I want to build goodwill and better friendships in my immediate sphere and in my larger actions and hope it will ripple outward to others.