Posted on Dec 26, 2021

The Barron Clinic is in rural Sinaloa Mexico outside of Mazatlán, Mexico. The Mazatlán Rotary club and the Rotary Club of Fort Collins, CO, USA are partnering to fund some basic medical equipment for this clinic. The Barron Clinic NGO has been working for over 5 years and has achieved substantial success in serving the underprivileged  in this rural area.

Here is the list of equipment provided. All equipment is purchase new in Mazatlán:

Dual Ultrasound; doppler, color by Sonomedic. $3250
2 Wheel Chairs - $500
Radiovisograph for dental diagnostic imaging; Dobi advanced $1800
Dental complete electric unit with chair by Paymar Luxjoy $2200.
Total amount funded = $7750
The project sponsor in D5440 (Larry Salmen) will be traveling to Mexico at his own expense to personally visit the Barron Clinic, meet with the Mexico Mazatlan Norte Rotary club. The Mazatlan Norte Rotary club will inspect all equipment as it is received, and verify it is functioning. They will have ongoing overview of the project.
The clinic is now open 5 to 6 days a week and is staffed by a full time nurse, Monica, a medical doctor, Dr. Jesus, three times a week, and a dentist Dr. Javier (who is a Barron native) two days a week.  
Dr. Witrón working on a primary school patient.
                         He is assisted by Claire Silk and Jan Schoen.