Posted by Stacy Plemmons
Merit Badge University Chair Randy Kurtz introduced Mohamad Haroon Abasy, from Afghanistan and Naif Jamaan of Saudi Arabia, representatives from CSU’s Muslim Student Association, who shared a bit about the organization, why they joined, and their personal experiences as Muslim students on campus.
According to Abasy and Jamaan, the MSA has students of all races and from all backgrounds, including women and men, and even some non-Muslims just wanting to know someone from another culture. Both Naif and Haroon came to CSU to learn about themselves, their homeland from another perspective, and
about the USA. They stressed our universal commonality, with similar hopes and dreams, and our common wish for love and respect.
Naif Jamaan, from Khobar, Saudi Arabia, is studying Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice at CSU. His family includes 4 brothers in various professions, and a sister who is studying to be an astronaut. He was optimistic about changes taking place in Saudi Arabia, but said change makers always make those in power nervous. He also stated that religion is only an excuse; culture and existing (threatened), power structures are what cause conflict. He stressed the need for education to help all see a shared future.
Mohamad Haroon Abasy is a Fulbright scholar from Afghanistan working towards an MBA. He first suggested we pay less attention to the media, who divide us for their own economic reasons. His goal is to provide employment opportunities for the world’s marginalized through entrepreneurship. He has worked with BBC and been involved with several social, educational and entrepreneurship projects. He believes studying at CSU, volunteering at events, and joining the community of Fulbright students are great opportunities to improve his knowledge, skills and life experiences.