December 6, Gregg Knoll, Director of Operations for Colorado Youth Outdoors (“CYO”), reported on the mission, message, new partnerships, and changes in programming and outreach for CYO.  Two years ago RCFC awarded a $7000 District Matching Community Grant to CYO to purchase materials, then provided labor to help them build six picnic tables and repair two fishing docks. 
CYO works to develop good relationships among children and their parents and with others through traditional outdoor recreation.  CYO manages a 240 acre site east of I-25 on Kechter Road containing 12 fishing ponds, an 8500 square foot educational facility, an outdoor pavilion and many other amenities.  Among the many programs Knoll discussed were their 3-week 'ventures', run 4 to 5 times per year each involving 60 children and their parents; 4 summer 'Sportsman" camps; and partnerships with the Boys and Girls Clubs, Polaris Expeditionary School, Kinship Foster Youth programs and the NOCO Veterans Alliance.