Posted by Bob Simmons

Last week RCFC heard from Betsy Strafach, CEO and cofounder of 3Hopeful Hearts, a service for parents and others who have experienced  the loss of a child.  Three Northern Colorado women (two of whom had lost a child) came together in 2008 and formed this organization under the mentorship of Dr. Alan Wolfelt (Ft Collins resident and pioneer in grief management). Starting under the wing of PVH, they became their own nonprofit in 2012. They self-describe as  grief companions, and work closely with counselors, first responders, UC Health and funeral services.

Their clients range from  parents with a miscarriage to the elderly parent dealing with the loss of an adult child.
Through support groups, candlelight vigils, infant portraits and remembrance walks they "come along side" parents, potentially changing their trajectory from the day of loss through their future of lifetime grief. A video of a few of their clients helped us appreciate their life altering intervention.
They sound like angels to me.