Ray Tschillard,  Director and a founder of the Poudre Learning Center (“PLC”), presented the history and function of this non-profit educational entity, and its relationship to Rotary.  The PLC is located west of Greeley on the bike trail intersection with 83rd Street.  Ray is a Rotarian in Greeley, and has degrees in Earth Science from Simpson College and UNC. He has over 42 years of educational experience working with students of all age levels. He is active in developing and promoting a science curriculum that focuses on inquiry based methods for use at the Center.
The Center is within a 15 minute drive of 5 school districts, and served 32,000 students last year.  Recently the Center grew from 65 acres to over 190 acres through the donation of adjacent land.  Through such activities as nature walks, talks, slide programs and research help, the Center and its volunteers help visitors understand and appreciate both the natural and cultural history of this area of the Poudre River, as well as providing hands-on environmental experiences for participants of all ages. Last year, PLC worked with over 30,000 students, providing interdisciplinary education programs, complete with wheelchair accessible pathways and aquatic and hydrologic study areas.   The organization got its start when the Hall-Irwin Corporation completed gravel extraction in the area, and donated 65 acres of this prime Poudre River riparian land to the local community for environmental education.