Posted on Jan 18, 2023
Becky Ezzell will present to our evening meeting on January 18th at Mas Fuegos Kitchen and Tequila Bar.  She will discuss her inspiration for starting the academy and what her plans are for their Workforce Innovation Grant and how it'll help our community. Becky is the Owner and Founder of Smart Books Business Solutions, a bookkeeping and accounting firm in Fort Collins. After discovering a need for qualified bookkeepers in Northern Colorado, and seeing the impact COVID-19 had on our community, Becky applied for and received funding through the Larimer County Workforce Innovation Grant to launch Keep Smart Books Academy.
Keep Smart Books Academy provides certificate-based, accessible, comprehensive education and training for bookkeeping and payroll services. With a unique, hands-on approach to learning, Keep Smart Books Academy helps individuals find their way to a new flexible, fulfilling career in bookkeeping in less than 6 months. Additionally, funds from the Larimer County Workforce Innovation Grant will provide scholarships for 20+ students over the next two years. 
"We want to remove the barriers that hold people back from seeking a career in bookkeeping and payroll, and that's why we're offering affordable courses with flexible schedules, and small class sizes for more one-on-one support."
Visit the Keep Smart Books Academy website to learn more about the Intro to Bookkeeping & Payroll course, how to enroll, and information about scholarships.