On Wednesday, September 26, RCFC hosted Brad Abrahamson, MD, a physician at Integrative Sports Medicine LLC in Fort Collins.  He has published a book in Kindle format entitled “Inside Injury Diagnosis: 25 Transformative Cases in Sports Medicine.” 

First he summarized the problems of modern medical treatment - how medicine is sick care, not health care.  Many physicians match a drug to the symptoms.  Patients need simple affordable health care. He pointed out that private insurers deny 1 in 7 claims. Insurance company CEOs are paid very high salaries and then given bonuses for patient denials. The complexity of the system adds stress to patients, doctors, and staff.

Dr. Abrahamson suggested a new model, Integrative Medicine, in which patients and doctors are partners in the healing process. The doctor and patient consider all factors in finding the root cause of disease rather than just treating the disease.  In other words the treatment addresses the whole person. The doctor must be open to consider new paradigms based on good science.