Posted on Jan 12, 2022
Last week, Lee-Varra-Nelson, District Governor Elect of Rotary District 5440, spoke to us at the Lincoln Center. Her conversational presentation focused on membership, the accomplishments of our Club and advice to our Club going forward. She praised the club for its multigenerational membership (with a shout out to Johnny M), recognized members with 40 years or more and acknowledged new or soon-to-be new members.
We then viewed a bar graph showing (downward) membership trends in both the District and our Club. District 5440 lost approximately 300 members since the beginning of the COVID era. She encouraged us to reach out to members who “disappeared” since virtual meetings became the norm. Specifically (she advised), to let them know they are missed and thereby remind them that they are valued.
Lee’s own story of personal loss and subsequent estrangement from Rotary hit home. A handwritten note from a member of her club let her know that she was missed and led her to a whole new perspective on Rotary (and, it seems, a whole higher level of involvement).
The advice from RI president, Shekhar Mehta is “each one bring one”.  We were reminded that sponsoring a new member this year, along with a $100 donation to the Rotary Annual Fund will be rewarded with 100 Paul Harris points from the District to that member.  New members bring “fresh eyes” and enthusiasm to our Club.
Lee highlighted some of RCFC’s international efforts (eg, End Polio and handwashing stations in Paraguay).  She also mentioned the Club’s CSU ROTC Cadet of the Month and Teacher of the Month recognitions.
Another slide highlighted the Club’s giving to the Rotary Foundation (ahead in our goals or well on our way) – to the Foundation and End polio. Of course, our Club gets back a portion of donations when we get approval for our international projects.
Lee’s other reminders included – the District Conference is in Lander, WY this year;  January is “ Vocational Service Month” and the “Public Image Power Hour” is every 3rd Monday at 2 PM in person and also available in slide format.  
Today’s take home message - District 5440 is in good hands and RCFC is doing a good job!