Posted by Henry Weisser

Our November Teacher of the Month was Jamie Drage, a fourth grade teacher from Bethke Elementary School in Timnath.  Her principal, Ann Alfonso, introduced by Marty Bachman, spoke of Jamie’s deep commitment to her profession.  Jamie attended PSD, and as a youngster played games where she was the teacher and continued to dream of becoming a teacher herself.  Jamie is one of those teachers who loves to come to work every day. She is straight forward, optimistic and enthusiastic.  Her students discover that learning is fun and that each and every one of them has a positive relationship with their teacher.  She believes that developing these relationships is the core of teaching.  In addition to these classroom accomplishments, Jamie has helped to develop curriculum and has supported other teachers trying to improve student performance.  Jamie had an earlier career as an athletic trainer at CSU stemming from her major in sports and exercise science.  She happily switched to elementary education thereafter.  While she claimed that she was more comfortable addressing fourth graders, her talk to our Rotary Club was notable for how she held our attention as she clearly and warmly addressed the great vocational love of her life.