Community GrantsThe charitable needs of our community are great and every quarter the Rotary Club of Fort Collins (RCFC) will distribute Community Grants sponsored by our membership to very deserving non-profit service organizations in the local Fort Collins area. The RCFC Community Grants Committee looks for innovative projects and services that respond to community issues, address local needs, are available to the community as a whole or large segment in need, and will improve community members lives. The RCFC Community Grants Committee will review all Grant applications and submit recommendations to the Rotary Club Board of Directors for final selection. Please review the following important links and information if you are interested in applying for a Community Grant:


Youth Programs Grants Press Release -April, 2023

Community Grants Awards
Junior Achievement was awarded $5,000 to support JA’s K-12 financial literacy, entrepreneurship & work readiness programs in Poudre School District in 2023.  An emphasis will be placed on program implementation in schools where the Free &Reduced lunch percentage is 40% or higher.
Colorado Clean Energy Cluster, dba, She’s in Power was awarded an Education program in the amount o9f $4,000.  This grant will support their mentoring program budget to assist with paying mentors who provide training and to provide incentive for program participants. 
The Community Grants committee awarded $1,900 to KRFC-Public Radio for the Front Range under our Arts & Culture program area.  They will use our grant to purchase an upgrade of their Skimmer Computer.  They use this computer to record the station’s on-air programs in support of local music and arts in the Fort Collins community.
ChildSafe Colorado recently received one of our Arts & Culture program grants.  They provide therapy services of survivors of childhood abuse, primarily childhood sexual abuse.  ChildSafe will use our grant of $3,000 to have their elementary and teen groups work with Chris Bates, a local artist, to design & paint a mural on the handicap ramp leading from the parking lot up to their office.
Our Community Grants committee recently awarded a $1,000 grant to SNAAP under our Health and Wellness category.  SNAPP provides empowerment for teens to build relationships and strengthen their sense of self needed to navigate today’s culture and process their lives.  Our grant will support their programs to help vulnerable teens experiencing bulling, depression, anxiety and much more.  They will be able to broaden their outreach to include a more diverse and underserved population. 
The Community grants committee recently awarded a Health and Welfare Program grant to “A Friend for You”.  Our $3,000 grant will help support underserved expectant mothers in Larimer County by providing them with unconditional personalized support through mentoring, tangible services,  and connection to community resources.  They help reduce isolation for low-income and marginalized expectant mothers.  Accepting our check is Lorraine Meyers, Executive Director.
The Community Grants committee recently awarded an Education Program grant to Teaching Tree Early Childhood Learning Center.  They will use our $3,150 grant to purchase Creative Curriculum Extended kits, books to support preschool studies and to provide scholarships for students to participate in yoga classes.   They have 12 classrooms serving children 6 weeks to 5 years old. 
Community Grants committee recently awarded SAVA a grant under our Youth Program category. SAVA will use our $1,250 grant to fund program materials for this summer’s SuperWorld youth program.  SuperWorld is an active, outdoor summer program that empowers youth ages 6-12 to develop necessary life skills for healthy bodies, relationships and self-esteem.
The Community Grants committee recently awarded an Arts and Culture program grant to the Museum of Art Fort Collins. The Museum will use our to support their upcoming group exhibition and programs for “A Culture Preserved (in the Black Experience).   This exhibition addresses black heritage and how it shapes the values, beliefs and aspirations that define peoples’ identity. 
In March, our Community Grants committee awarded $3,000 to the Fort Collins Symphony to support their “Lost in Space” pops concert and specifically the presentations by Dr. Erin Macdonald, an astrophysicist, who serves as a technical science consultant for the Start Trek franchise.
The Community Grants committee in February awarded and Health and Welfare grant to the Fort Collins Mennonite Fellowship.  They will use our $2,500 grant to establish a new local Community Center within their building to provide food, showers, laundry, a community closet and support for some of the unhoused people of Fort Collins.   
Community Grants awarded a $2,500  Health and Welfare grant to Larimer Court Supports to fund their new Sober Wellness Project.  This project will help approximately 150 clients in their Problems Solving Courts.  Problem Solving Courts have been shown to be an effective means of reducing substance abuse, managing mental illness, increasing the likelihood of remaining in recovery, and reintegrating into communities as productive and contributing members.  PSC also reduces jail and prison costs.
The Community Grants Committee reviewed and selected agencies to receive funding under the Health and Wellness Category.  On Wednesday, January 12th, the Fort Collins Audubon Society accepted our $1,600 grant to publish 500 copies of their mindful birding booklet.  This will be used by patients at the UC Harmony Cancer Center  Patients will practice mindfulness while they connect with nature through birding.  Accepting the award is Barbara Patterson.
Northern Colorado Wildlife Center was recently awarded a $1,000 community grant under our education program cycle.  They will use this grant to provide free family-friendly wildlife education classes to teach FC residents how to safely intervene when they find wildlife in distress or are experiencing a human-wildlife conflict on their property. Tallon Nightwalker, executive Director is accepting the check from Steve Schaefer.
 Junior Achievement Rocky Mountain was recently awarded a $3,500 Education Program grant.  They will use this grant to support JA’s K-12 financial literacy, entrepreneurship and work readiness programs in the Poudre School district during the j2021-22 school year.  An emphasis will be placed on schools with Free & Reduced lunch percentage of 40% or higher.  JA was also presented with a Paul Harris Certificate of Appreciation.  The Rotary Club of Fort Collins believes that JA’s work exemplifies the humanitarian and educational objectives of the Rotary Foundation.  We thank JA for demonstrating a commitment to helping persons in need here and around the world. 
Funds will provide a 10-week summer activities program for 52 children/teens with developmental disabilities.  They will meet M-F from 1-5 p.m.  They will be involved in art, music and animal therapy, yoga, visits by local sports teams and off-site excursions to City Park pool, Discovery Museum library and more. Children will be among their peers while their families will be able to take a break from the normal caretaking routine.
Funds will be used to offset client fees for young child play sessions.  ChildSafe’s mission is to break the cycle and heal the trauma resulting from childhood abuse & neglect.  The play therapy sessions are used for children aged 2-10 years, allowing them to process their trauma and give therapists insight into their areas of need.  Play therapy helps children express their thoughts, experiences & feelings through playing with toys or through art therapy.
Funds will help support Pathways’ Kid’s Camps.  They will offer 7 one-day camps for kids dealing with loss of a loved one or kids with an advanced medical condition.  They provide these camps to 65-75 children/youth plus an average of 2 additional family members who join at the end (total served is 195-225 people).