Since 1964, the Rotary Club of Fort Collins has recognized an outstanding farm/ranch individual or family who has made a significant contribution to the community with the "Master Agriculturist" award.  In addition to recognition by the club during our annual Rural/Urban club program, the recipient is also awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship.

Amy Brackenbury will present our Master Agriculturalist Award to Native Hill farm owners Nic Koontz & Katie Slota. According to their website, “Native Hill Farm is a four season, family run, diversified and intensive vegetable farm located in north Ft. Collins”, striving “to cultivate the freshest and highest quality naturally grown produce for our neighbors"...
For 2013, our Master Agriculturist sisters, Susan, Mourine and Maxine Weaver, are the 5th generation to manage the Weaver Ranch. They were raised at their father’s Laramie veterinary clinic, and on the Weaver Ranch straddling the Wyoming-Colorado border...

The recipient of Master Agriculturalist for 2009 is Andrew Grant

The Master Agriculturalist Award was presented to Andrew Grant, president and GM of Grant Family Farms in Wellington, for playing a major role in expandnt a small family farm into a successful organic specialty and commodity crops farm distributing product locally and nationally...

Past Master Agriculturalist Award Winners
1964   Dale Peterson
1965   John Weitzel
1966   Steve Goodwin
1967   Roy Portner
1968   Harlan Seaworth
1969   John Worthington
1970   LeRoy Swanson
1971   M.A. "Pat" Ferree
1972   Glenn Johnson
1973   Philip Schnorr
1974   R.E. Greenwalt
1975   H.F. Lind
1976   Paul Waag
1977   Ernest Nelson
1978   Edwin W. Johnson
1979   Francis Bee
1980   Kenneth Thayer
1981   Sam Matsuda
1982   Robert L. Stieben
1983   Earl E. Hoff
1984   Albert Kraft Sr.
1985   Edward Hansen
1986   Roland Feit
1987   Raymond Rein
1988   Ron Ruff
1989   Michael Dickinson
1990   Reinholt Blehm
1991   Gene & Allan Winick
1992   Robert C. Graves
1993   Adrian Weaver
1994   Ken Knievel
1995   Willis Smith
1996   Calvin Johnson
1997   Richard Seaworth
1998   Rodney Nelson
1999   Don Le Fever
2000   Susan Moore & Jon Slutsky
2001   Terry Dye
2002   Lewis Grant
2003   Eldon & Trulie Ackerman
2004   Mario Herrera
2005  Jackie Holdemess Worthington
2006  Philip Christopher Schnorr
2007   Bill Markham
2008   Troy Seaworth
2009   Andrew Grant - Grant Family Farms
2010   Dallas Horton
2011   Lee Leachman
2012   Willie Altenburg