Last week, Bill Schaffer introduced Matthew Miltenberg, counselor at Poudre high, who then introduced Hannah Newman as RCFC's Student of the Month for March, 2020, and briefly summarized why she was chosen.  A senior, Hannah has earned 30 college credits while also working as a Woodward Inc. intern 15 hours a week for the past 2 years.  At the same time, she is active in the National Honor Society, the National Technical Society, Counseling new freshmen, and other programs at Poudre.  She plans to study engineering.
Chair Jack Vogt announced RCFC's Student of the Month for January, Katie Bastian.  Katie was introduced by her School Counselor, Kelly Madden and accompanied by her mother, Susan Bastian.  Katie thanked Rotary for the recognition and listed some of her many activities:  peer counselor, music and theater, National Honor Society, Music Honor Society.  A senior, she is taking a gap year abroad before deciding which college to attend.
Committee Chair John Vogt introduced Chris Savage, counselor at Fossil Ridge High, who listed some of the many activities engaged in by Cayden Crisanti, this month’s Student of the Month.  Cayden has applied to CSU, CU, and Penn State.
John Vogt introduced Jason Tyler from Fort Collins High School who then extolled Anna Hunter, Student of the Month for October.  Anna is stage director for the upcoming “Les Miserables”.  She summarized how theater helped her personal growth since her freshman year.  She will attend college in Dayton, Ohio, majoring in theater and German.
May 22, Jacson Swain was named RCFC Student of the Month for May.  Jacson was introduced by Rocky Mountain Peer Counselor Advisor Kelly Madden, and was accompanied by his parents Lindsay and Jason.  Presenting a gift certificate and award to Jacson was RCFC Student of the Month Committee Chair Jack Vogt.  Jacson has been active in theater and Peer Counseling.

Chair Jack Vogt introduced PSD Global Academy History and English teacher, Cat Lauer, who in turn introduced, then “interviewed” RCFC’s Student of the Month, Gillian Moore.  Ms. Lauer noted Moore’s heart for service and very useful skills at the Fort Collins Cat Rescue animal shelter.  Moore told of falling in love with the work of caring for cats, and even the cleaning of cages.  She plans to attend Front Range Community College then CSU’s school of Veterinary Medicine. 

Committee Chair Jack Vogt introduced Alan Flores, teacher at Poudre High School to introduce Litzy Lastra-Mendoza, RCFC's Student of the Month.  But before turning the microphone over to Litzy, Flores thanked her parents (in Spanish) for raising such an amazing young woman.  During her remarks, Litzy also thanked her parents for teaching her to take responsibility to help others, and take leadership positions.  After listing the several areas she been involved in, she said she wants to become a teacher at Poudre after college.
April 24, Student of the Month Grace Chacon from the Poudre Community Academy was introduced by Kristy Chalfort Adams, Art Teacher at PCA.   Committee Chair Jack Vogt introduced Kristy.  Gracie is well known for her various forms of artwork within the school and community.