Wesley Award

The Wesley Award is named in honor of Dr. Robert Wesley Titley, who served on the CSU faculty in Counseling Psychology for many years and who was a key figure in undergraduate advising and teaching graduate students college pedagogical skills.  The Award is given to a graduate student in Counseling Psychology at Colorado State University. The recipients are first-generation graduate students on the Ph.D. track.

The Wesley Award was given to Eva V. Urbina at a private ceremony by Bonnie Titley. Eva is a doctoral candidate in Counseling Psychology at Colorado State University. In her research, Eva primarily focuses on mental health disparities among the Latinx community. Her research and professional work also include mentorship of first generation college students and students of color, addressing barriers to academic success among underrepresented groups, and psychotherapy services.

The first annual Wesley Award was announced. This year’s $5000 was presented to Morgan Boyle. Morgan completed her MS in mental health counseling at SUNY Albany in New York, where she worked on the Health and Addictive Behaviors Investigative Team. Morgan is interested in addictive behaviors research. The award was established by Rotary Club of Fort Collins member, Bonnie Titley in honor of her late husband.