Speaker Date Topic
Kristin Candella & Bruce Hendee Jun 19, 2019 12:00 PM
Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity and The Harmony Cottages
Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity and The Harmony Cottages
RCFC welcomes our speakers for June 19th, Kristin Candella, CEO and Executive Director of Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity (“Habitat”), and Bruce Hendee, PLA, to fill us in on the recent Habitat project at the southeast corner of Taft Hill and Harmony Roads. They come at the invitation of Jeanne Fangman, who will do the introduction, in concert with Mara Johnson, the Philanthropy Director at Habitat.
Kristin Candella has had what she describes as…” the distinct privilege of working with a group with of philanthropic investors and a “best and brightest” design team to develop the Harmony Cottages”.  Kristin and Bruce will tag-team to tell us about the investor model and the approach of the design team in creating this 48 unit development, which is not only efficient and creates a beautiful neighborhood, but which is also affordable. 

Bruce Hendee is a landscape architect and planner who has been practicing in Fort Collins for over 30 years. He is the former founder and president of BHA Design Inc. He has substantial experience in residential planning and urban design. He became involved with the Harmony Cottages project at the request of Habitat and has worked for the last few years to lead a multi-discipline design team through the planning and design process. He has specifically focused on creating an extraordinary neighborhood by using a Pocket Neighborhoods and New Urbanism approach.