The Finance Committee announced two changes to our accounting systems.  Members will see the difference as of the Q2 (Oct-Dec) billing cycle.  First, instead of using an outside accounting firm, we are now using an independent bookkeeper.  Dyane Rogelstad started in July and has been doing well.  Second, RCFC has changed accounting software from Xero back to Quickbooks.
How does this change affect members?  As of October 1, all recurring credit card charges and bank transfers have been cancelled.  The Club will no longer be retaining members’ credit card or banking information.  What does this mean for you?  Starting with the Q2 invoices, members who pay by credit or bank transfer (ACH) will pay their own invoices online.  Member credit card charges will not happen automatically.  No change for members paying by check.  More details to follow!
RCFC's third Civility Seminar, held September 14 via Zoom, was very insightful .  Our guest speaker was Chaz Miles and the title was Being Native American, Hispanic, Black, Educated, Athlete, Believer, Musician, Celebrity, Concerned, Optimistic, and Normal…in One Body…in Our Times!, Chaz started the seminar saying "It's not about you.  But it is." He went on to note that a key problem is the 'either/or' mentality failing to empathize and understand.    The full seminar can be reviewed at
During the Peace Fellowship discussions September 2, Del Benson shared lessons from a fun little book by Robert Fulghum, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, which simplifies very complex reasons to be just, mannerly, and civil with others.  If only the world could live by a range of simple ideas like: Share everything; Play fair; Don't hit people; Put things back where you found them; and CLEAN UP YOUR OWN MESS!  Discussion, as always, was lively, and civil...
This coming Monday, September 14, at 12:00, President Del Benson will host our third Civility Seminar.  The seminar series general theme is "Building Peace through understanding and actions, one day at a time!"
Monday's seminar will feature Chaz Miles.  His talk is titled "Being Native American, Hispanic, Black, Educated, Athlete, Believer, Musician, Celebrity, Concerned, Optimist, and Normal...all in one our times."
To join the seminar via Zoom, go to  The rZoom room will be open by 11:30 for pre-seminar chatting.
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