Margaret Mizushima, a native of the San Luis Valley and local author, joined us, via ZOOM, for our meeting on July 1 to talk about her mystery books (the Timber Creek K-9 Mysteries), and about the background and process of writing a successful mystery series. 
Last week, past president Steve Laine hosted the annual Changing of the Guard event.  Following a short technical challenge the meeting proceeded quickly with an early dismissal time.  After 2020-21 Officer and Director inductions, (now Past-) President Rob Marschke summarized the accomplishments of this past year, and President Del Benson provided a glimpse into his focus for the coming year - Increasing membership in RCFC - the “You Plus 2” idea, improved communication between our club and community leaders, new funding proposals, fellowship options in the COVID (Zoom) era, and promotion of civility in our local relationships as a starting point for improved race relationships and promotion of local and world peace.
RCFC is now using Zoom for all meetings, and recordings of the Wednesday noon meeting are available to members and guests.  Here are the most recent program recording links. 
President Rob Marschke and Treasurer Kathy Hawkins reported on RCFC's finances.  A new bookkeeper, Dyane Rogelstad has been retained, and recruitment of a new Treasurer is ongoing.  Three potential new members of the Finance Committee attended the June Finance Committee meeting.  Operational finances remain strong, but Charities is 'running on fumes'.  Kathy recommended, and the Board approved, delaying Charities Disbursements until the end of first quarter, when more will be known.  Kathy has resigned as Treasurer and  Bonnie Titley has resigned as Assistant Treasurer both effective July 1.  Kathy and Bonnie are both thanked for their service to RCFC.
For our meeting of June 17, Brian Mau (United Nations Senior Development Coordination Officer, Strategic Planning & Resident Coordinator’s Office Team Leader in Iraq) gave us an overview of the political, social, economic, and international crises facing Iraq since the US-led invasion of 2003.  Although Mr. Mau has only recently taken on his current job, he has spent some seven years in Iraq working at high levels of the UN Office. 
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