What do Rotary and Thanksgiving Day have in common?  Both are international!  Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated on various dates in Canada, the United States, Germany, Japan, some of the Caribbean islands, and Liberia.  And contrary to our image of the first Thanksgiving being celebrated by the guys in funny hats and buckle shoes, days of thanksgiving and special religious services became important far earlier during the English Reformation in the reign of Henry VIII and in reaction to the large number of religious holidays on the Catholic calendar.  Pilgrims and Puritans who emigrated from England in the 1620s and 1630s carried the tradition of Days of Fasting and Days of Thanksgiving with them to New England. The modern Thanksgiving holiday tradition is traced to a well-recorded 1619 event in Virginia and a sparsely documented 1621 celebration at Plymouth in present-day Massachusetts.
November 14, Martin Limbird and Past President Jeanne Fangman presented Paul Harris Fellow pins and certificates to 7 members, including Jean Lamm, Ross Lane, Judy Lane, Bill Timpson, Sandra Smyser, Mike Sollenberger and Kelso Kelly (recognized by Melanie Chamberlain).  Jeanne Fangman also presented a Paul Harris to her daughter, Beth Phillips.  

Last week was our annual celebration of the Rotary Foundation.  Martin Limbird presented some facts and figures about the Foundation - $13.5 million dollars invested last year and a total of over 3 billion spent on projects over the past 101 years.  Eight club members were awarded their most recent Paul Harris Certificates and pins.

Robin Steele presented a video on the Rotary Foundation and we heard a brief history of this organization starting with the first donation of $26.50 in 1917.  The mission of the foundation is to support improvements in health,education and to eliminate poverty.  Robin (and other members) reviewed the variety of projects that FCRC has been/will be involved in during the period 2016-2019, including water projects, peace studies, economic projects, bioenergy production, disease and disability prevention and orphanage support.   Finally, we learned how projects start, get reviewed and and funded. An inspirational short video about our club's involvement closed the meeting.

October 28th the Rotary BREWS fellowship hosted a very successful OctoBEERfest at Horse and Dragon Brewery to a sold-out crowd.  As always, the mustard and strudel were both exceptional, the brats and sour kraut were delicious, and the umm-pah-pah was Munich quality!   Thanks BREWS Fellowship and Horse and Dragon for a fun Rotary event.  
During our annual Veteran's Day remembrance, RCFC awarded Army Cadet Kalie Black our Cadet of the Month citation.  Black hails from Fountain, Colorado and grew up in a military family.  She is studying Health Sciences at CSU.  She was hosted by former Army Doctor Bob Simmons.  
Last week our annual Veteran's Day celebration started with the presentation of colors by the CSU Air Force ROTC.  Larry Kunter's inspirational comments were a  tribute to veterans followed by our singing our National Anthem.  
Donna Chapel moderated a panel by asking both prepared and audience questions to a 3-member panel consisting of 2 veterans and one mother of an active duty, deployed service member.  Gorden Thibideau recalled his long and varied career in the Army, it's impact on his life and it's inspiration for continued service to the community after his military retirement.  James Hagerman spoke of his time in the Marines, it's personal benefits and how it inspired him to continue serving after discharge by contributing to various charitable organizations.  Diane Bauer, a private therapist, was kind and brave enough  to share her coping mechanisms and even her fears as a mother of a soldier currently deployed in Afghanistan.  Diane cofacilitates retreats for military moms with Be Safe, Love Mom.
Thanks to all who contributed to a very complete and appropriate Veteran's day marking 100 years since the close of the "War to End All Wars".  


Wednesday, October 31, RCFC honored long-time member, past Club President and District Governor (in Florida), Myra Monfort for her service.  Presenting her "Honorary" certificate was RCFC President Steve Laine. 
In her remarks, Myra noted that she was proud to be Jewish, and to present RCFC's Christmas Program, as she has done for years.  Her service to RCFC, our community and her support of Rural Urban Day, the Rotary Foundation, Programs and various other activities were noted and celebrated.  Thanks Myra!

 On Wednesday, October 31, the Centennial Committee - Melanie Chamberlain and Bonnie Titley led a lively meeting, with long-time members sharing memories, and all playing word games for prizes. 

Best Costume was Marty Bachman; second best was John Roberts' sweatshirt.  Bill West had an abundance of memories, and got the hook!

RCFC's October Student of the Month, Lauren Smith of Fossil Ridge High School, was accompanied by her School Counselor, Nicol Alvarado.  Smith is both a student at FRHS, and taking classes in Medical Career exploration at Front Range Community College.  She is also an intern at Columbine Medical.  Committee Chair Jack Vogt awarded Smith a gift certificate to Barns and Nobel.
October 24, President Steve Laine recognized Henry Weisser (Chair) and Kathy Nicol for their work in creating and executing an excellent Teacher(s) of the Year program October 17.  Thanks Henry and Kathy!
Wednesday October 24, Susan Kirkpatrick, Rotarian, former mayor of Fort Collins and now owner of Savory Spice Shop, presented a brief history of spices and look at spices today.  She started by pointing out that no one shops for spices who is unhappy. 
She suggested that the spice trade is the world’s second oldest profession and was a motivation behind world exploration.  Few spices grow outside of 100 north and south latitude and few spices originate from the Western Hemisphere.  At times and places when spices were hard to come by, spices have been used as money.  Before the advent of refrigeration, spices were also commonly used to mask bad flavor. 
Today, the abundance of TV shows focused on food have changed how people acquire and use spices, creating a more vibrant food culture.  However, spices are sometimes sourced from places considered more challenging to do business and supply can be irregular.  In addition, strict import rules apply at the point of import, so the spices that arrive at a shop in Fort Collins are safe.  In the spice trade, there are both straight spices (e.g., Rosemary) and blends (e.g., Herbes de Provence), some of which may be proprietary.  In terms of usage, she suggests: store away from heat; if it has no aroma, it will have no flavor since the flavor comes from essential oils that may have evaporated over a span of six months to one year.  She suggests that, for older people who may be losing their sense of taste, Rosemary has a strong flavor that may be desirable. 

Wednesday October 17 RCFC joined with Foothills and Breakfast Rotary Clubs to celebrate our annual Teacher(s) of the Year program.  This year the three clubs honored Brenda Hernandez, a second grade teacher at Irish Elementary, nominated by the Fort Collins Foothills club; Gabby Wymore, who teaches history at Blevins Middle School; and Jennifer Martinez, who teaches music at Bacon Elementary School. 

To start our program, Ms. Martinez led the audience in singing "You Are My Sunshine"; very appropriate for teachers. Each teacher spoke eloquently about their 'calling' to teach, and Brenda Hernandez told a very moving story of a boy who entered Irish at the 3rd grade not reading anything at all.  The joy, when the boy first associated the letters on paper with physical items, was very touching to us all.  

Poudre School District Superintendent and RCFC Member Dr. Sandra Smyser spoke on the importance of teachers, and how they make a difference in lives. 

Satellite Members met on Wednesday, October 3rd at Lirano's Wine Bar.  Jennifer Brooks gave her Classification Talk.  Jennifer Brooks, Kerrie Luginbill and Kelly Kettler were all awarded their Blue Badges. 

There was a discussion on ways the Satellite Members could support causes already being worked on by members and agreement that one of the November Satellite programs would include training for the Four Way Test in schools so that Satellite Members could be involved in that activity this year.  The next meeting is Wednesday, October 17th at 5:30pm at New Belgium Brewery, and will include a facility tour and tasting.

Last week RCFC heard from Betsy Strafach, CEO and cofounder of 3Hopeful Hearts, a service for parents and others who have experienced  the loss of a child.  Three Northern Colorado women (two of whom had lost a child) came together in 2008 and formed this organization under the mentorship of Dr. Alan Wolfelt (Ft Collins resident and pioneer in grief management). Starting under the wing of PVH, they became their own nonprofit in 2012. They self-describe as  grief companions, and work closely with counselors, first responders, UC Health and funeral services.

Their clients range from  parents with a miscarriage to the elderly parent dealing with the loss of an adult child.
Through support groups, candlelight vigils, infant portraits and remembrance walks they "come along side" parents, potentially changing their trajectory from the day of loss through their future of lifetime grief. A video of a few of their clients helped us appreciate their life altering intervention.
They sound like angels to me.
October 3, 2018 Committee Chair Kathy Nicol and Committee member Sally Lee presented a $2500 Community Grants check to Lutheran Family Services, to support their Parents Education and Support program, teaching safe and effective discipline methods, appropriate developmental expectations and healthy communications methods.    
October 3, Past District Governor Bill Emsley presented Past President Jeanne Fangman with RCFC's 2017-18 Presidential Citation award.  Clubs receiving this citation must achieve specific goals related to Rotary’s three strategic priorities: to support and strengthen clubs, focus and increase humanitarian service, and enhance Rotary’s public image and awareness. Congratulations RCFC and thanks Jeanne!!
This month RCFC honored Gina Spoden as Cadet of the Month.  Gina was congratulated by Committee Chair Warren Wilson, and accompanied by her commanding Air Force ROTC officer.  
October 3, three new RCFC members were awarded their Blue Badge, having completed the various requirements.  New Blue Badge members are Jean Lamm, Harry Mueller and Chuck Ulfers.  Please congratulate all three new Blue Badge Members!
On October 3rd,  Jim Wilkins re-enacted Gov Ralph Carr, saying he based his talk on the book “The Principled Politician”, by Adam Schrager.  The talk went through his life as Governor, how he refused to give in to "Jap Fever" and the issue of the interment camps during WWII.  While Governor Carr felt very strongly that it was not right to intern American citizens, he did agree to take Japanese Americans because he felt they would be better treated in Colorado than neighboring states.   It was reported that neighboring states had threatened to kill any Japanese sent to their state.  Wilkins concluded with how we as Coloradans should be proud of this past governor, who refused to give in to bigotry and lost his next election for Governor as a result.  

On Wednesday, September 26, RCFC hosted Brad Abrahamson, MD, a physician at Integrative Sports Medicine LLC in Fort Collins.  He has published a book in Kindle format entitled “Inside Injury Diagnosis: 25 Transformative Cases in Sports Medicine.” 

First he summarized the problems of modern medical treatment - how medicine is sick care, not health care.  Many physicians match a drug to the symptoms.  Patients need simple affordable health care. He pointed out that private insurers deny 1 in 7 claims. Insurance company CEOs are paid very high salaries and then given bonuses for patient denials. The complexity of the system adds stress to patients, doctors, and staff.

Dr. Abrahamson suggested a new model, Integrative Medicine, in which patients and doctors are partners in the healing process. The doctor and patient consider all factors in finding the root cause of disease rather than just treating the disease.  In other words the treatment addresses the whole person. The doctor must be open to consider new paradigms based on good science.


Wednesday September 19, RCFC hosted Fort Collins City Manager, Darin Atteberry to discuss the City's recent Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and what it means for residents.  Atteberry started by taking about the change to focus on "budgeting for outcomes", using community safety as an example.  While the data can show how safe city residents actually are, the necessary outcome must be "how safe do you feel"?   

Atteberry spoke of his personal journey after hearing a speaker challenge "What's the one thing you believe that on one else believes.  That is your opportunity."  Atteberry's belief is that government at all levels, can be great and he is working to prove it at the city level.   As part of the Malcolm Baldridge process, the city developed the vision "to provide world-class municipal service through operational excellence and a culture of innovation", and carefully chose benchmarks against the the best rated cities across the US.  The Malcolm Baldridge, he noted, is a process about continuous improvement, not a destination of perfection.  The key is to "shine a flashlight" into all areas, encouraging and expecting continuous improvements.  

Wednesday, September 12, Past President Jeanne Fangman inducted our newest member, Jill Maasch.   Jill is a senior account manager for Mantooth Marketing Company, and is sponsored by Justie Nicol.  Welcome Jill!

September 12, Yolanda Schlabach, Executive Director of Zoë Ministries, Inc. and member of the Human Trafficking Coordinating Council for Delaware started by stating that Delaware's program to address human trafficking is based on the program developed in Larimer County.  Larimer County's programs are focused on reducing 'demand' through sting operations and helping victims via non-profits such as Free Our Girls and First Responder Response Initiatives.  Schlabach also showed and read several news articles, showing the results of sting operations in Northern Colorado.  According to Schlabach, all prostitution is human trafficking.  She also noted that human trafficking happens in other industries such as agricultural workers, where migrant workers are legally imported, then kept in virtual slavery, charged exhorbitant fees and kept from returning home.  

Focusing on the sexual aspect of human trafficking, she noted the pattern of recruitment, and the psychological and physical trauma experienced by the victims.

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Satellite Members met on Wednesday, September 19th at CooperSmith's, enjoyed a view of an intense rain and hail storm and discussed their upcoming Community Service Events for September and October.  There was also a brainstorming session for a potential beneficiary of a Centennial Grant.  The next meeting is Wednesday, October 3rd at 5:30pm at the Lirano Wine Bar, 3600 Mitchell Drive (lower level of The Cellar wine store).
September 5, Past President Jeanne Fangman inducted RCFC newest member, Kathy Hawkins, sponsored by Kathy Nicol.  Hawkins is a retired Controller for the Fort Collins-Loveland Water District.  Welcome Kathy - Live long and serve well!
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